Amazon’s Kindle Fire can already be rooted for full control

The Kindle Fire has been in consumer’s hands for only a day or two and it has already been rooted. Rooting the device is a relatively simple one-click process and it will likely improve in the near future.

Amazon's Kindle Fire can already be rooted for full control

The Android Faithful figured out how to root the Kindle Fire, mostly through some trial and error. Rooting allows users to do just about anything with their Android device, including remove Amazon’s forked version of Android and install a full version of the OS. The other option would be to stick with the Kindle’s original interface but install a tweaked version (none exist yet) with added features or possibly speed improvements.

Judging from the specs alone, the Kindle Fire is a fairly capable device, so for those looking for a low cost tablet who want more control, rooting may be the right choice. If you root your Fire now, you can install Honeycomb on it but the other option is to wait a bit to root and then just jump right into Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

If you want to root your Kindle Fire the process is relatively straight forward provided you are comfortable mucking around with these types of things. You’ll need the Android SDK on your machine so you can edit some files. You’ll also need to go into Settings, Device menu and enable the ability to install apps from unknown sources. Once that’s done and the proper files are edited you can download the SuperOneClick v2.2 app. Plug your Kindle into your computer, run the SuperOneClick app, select the “root” option and off you go!

Is anyone out there going to root their Kindle Fire now? Would you rather wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to hit? Let us know if you root your Fire and how the process went for you in the comments.