AMD to release Radeon SSDs – Powered by OCZ and Toshiba

In an effort to offer a complete range of PC hardware, AMD is rumored to be working on a Radeon branded SSD. According to Fudzilla the drive would be made in cooperation with Toshiba and OCZ. Previously AMD also introduced Radeon branded memory and AMD branded RAM disk software.


Manufacturing SSDs without owning a NAND fab or controller technology is hardly profitable anymore so AMD has teamed up with Toshiba and OCZ. Toshiba recently acquired OCZ and the AMD branded SSDs would consists of Toshiba 19nm MLC NAND and a OCZ developed controller.

 According to Fudzilla the SSDs will offer performance close to the recent OCZ Vertex drives. AMD won’t be competing for the lowest price, the CPU and GPU manufacturers targets consumers looking for a AMD branded hardware bundle.