Analyst: no 3D Super Bowl a ‘lost opportunity’

More consumers are buying what 3DTV makers are selling, but according to an NPD Group analyst this Sunday’s 2D-only Super Bowl XLVI is a mistake that could sack early 2012 sales of the device.

Analyst: no 3D Super Bowl a 'lost opportunity'

Noting a pre-Super Bowl TV sales boost last year, NPD Director of Industry Analysis Ben Arnold said he expects the opening weeks of 2012 to be no different. However, sales of 3D sets, which grew 100 percent during the latest holiday shopping season, could falter thanks to NBC’s decision not to broadcast the big game in 3D.

“Whether this hinders 3DTV sales this year prior to the game remains to be seen, but at first glance, it appears to be a lost opportunity for TV manufacturers and content providers who have invested substantially in the technology,” said Arnold. “Along with movies and video games, many consumers want to watch sports in 3D.”

Arnold said a previous NPD study into what consumers want out of the technology found football topping the list of sports they yearned to watch in three dimensions. That same report revealed 60 percent of sports fans want to watch events in 3D.

The analyst also noted a few big reasons why folks continue to avoid buying into the persistent 3D craze, including current prices and those mandatory glasses. “A significant third obstacle to adoption, however, is the availability of enough content to justify the investment,” Arnold said.

The lack of a 3D Super Bowl on February 5 proves them right.

“That the highest profile sporting event of the year will not be broadcast in 3D is a blow in that respect,” said Arnold. “Whether or not millions of viewers planned to watch the Super Bowl in 3D is debatable, but it’s safe to say many assumed it would be.” (via The NPD Group blog)

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