VZW, iPhone: Possible match made in heaven

A Morgan Stanley analyst believes Apple could increase its iPhone marketshare from a mere 4.9% up to 12.2% if it drops phone exclusivity and joins the Verizon Wireless network in the future.

There is growing concern that AT&T’s overall customer satisfaction has led to disdain among iPhone owners, as a recent survey indicated many iPhone owners would switch over to VZW if given the chance.

Although AT&T still has exclusive rights to the iPhone, there must be concern about this talk regarding overall customer satisfaction.

I’m expecting to see the iPhone make its way to VZW once the AT&T exclusivity agreement ends.  It should be available for both networks, because it’s unlikely, unless there are solid financial incentives offered from Verizon, that will make it a Verizon-exclusive device.  Furthermore, wireless subscribers would have the opportunity to pick which provider they want to sign a two-year phone agreement with.

Why the heavy interest in the iPhone?

Firstly, VZW has a larger subscriber base compared to AT&T, and there has been a high level of interest among subscribers seeking the iPhone.  Secondly, since the iPhone has been exclusive to AT&T since launch, the VZW subscriber base has been completely untapped, a fact both companies look to exploit.

Expect to see even more analysts predict a large iPhone ownership number if the phone makes a move to VZW.  If AT&T is unable to raise its customer satisfaction, it’s going to just add even more pressure on Apple to offer its smartphone on another market.

If you’re a VZW subscriber, are you looking forward to possibly owning an iPhone?