Android Outlook app fails miserably – thousands of users complaining

The Outlook application Microsoft released for Android sees a lot of users complaining about syncing issues, login problems and crashes. The main issue users complain about is that emails are not properly retrieved by the application causing users to miss important emails. As a workaround, users reinstall the app every couple of days but obviously that’s not how it should work.




“The app stops updating messages after few days. Uninstalled and installed it back multiple times and still does the same thing”, one user said. “Worked great the first days I had it. Now will not load any new emails or sync them. Very frustrating when you are waiting for important emails to come through and then go to your computer to find they were sent hours ago to you”, another user complained.

Microsoft last updated the app on July 28th this year and since then the app’s Google Play page receives literally thousands of complaints. Now, more than 2 months later Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the issues.

The Google Play page  shows the application has between 10 and 50 million installations and more than 500,000 users have rated the app. Microsoft doesn’t seem to respond to the issues, one user complains, ” Terrible have tried everything. Absolutely no help from them… With all these complaints I guess Microsoft doesn’t care. ”

Another user writes, “Lost count of the number of people that have complained about the same issue but yet Microsoft are ignoring our Bug Reports.”

Besides the problem of not retrieving new e-mails users complain emails with attachments often don’t send. Another often seen complaint is that the password has to be re-entered every time the phone has restarted.

Also a lack of features seems to be a complaint of many users, such as the ability to edit text when forwarding an e-mail, a select all option for mass deletes simple formatting features such as bold, underline and italic.