Android source reveals first Kepler based Tegra 4 SoC

The Android source code reveals a Tegra 4 SoC with a Nvidia GK20A core, the first Kepler based mobile chip from Nvidia. The Kepler architecture focuses on energy efficiency instead of focusing on increasing pure performance. We found proof that the GK20A core is indeed a Kepler core as an Nvidia Event Listing reveals.  The listing reveals that Craig Wittenbrink will speak at the event. He is the Architecture Director, 3D Computer Graphics at Nvidia and also the manager of R&D for the first Kepler core for Tegra, the GK20A.



We also found a first benchmark posted on the benchmarking website GFXBench. Later the result, posted from a development board codenamed Laguna,  was pulled. The only result available was from a GFXBench 2.7 T-Rex HD Offscreen (1080p) test where the chip achieved 983 frames (17.6 FPS). It’s likely that the result is not representative for the actual chip as it was done on a development board.



The GK20A is the graphics core of the Tegra 124 SoC we recently discovered. The chip can be found on boards named Ardbeg, Laguna, Loki, Curacao, Bonaire and TN8. These boards are listed in a file as development boards and another board called CM30_T124 is listed as an Automotive Development platform which means we could see the chip end up in cars as well.




The Ardbeg board has a touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, an Invensys MPU 9150 Gyro, Accelerometer and Compass, a Bosch barometric pressure sensor, HDMI, Realtek audio chip, USB On the Go and a display with a resolution of 1280×720.

Unfortunately we were unable to obtain more specifications of the GK20A graphics core of the Tegra 124 but we’ll continue to monitor the code branch and report when we know more.