Android source reveals more traces of Nexus 8 / Volantis and Denver CPU

More traces of the tablet Google develops with HTC can be found in the Android source code. The tablet codenamed Volantis, likely to be released as the Nexus 8 appears to be in full development. The device is powered by a Nvidia Tegra K1 64-bit  SoC and many of the code changes that lately have been made, are related to that chip. The Tegra K1 SoC uses Nvidia’s Denver architecture which is 64-bit ARM based.



Besides the work on the SoC, there is also some activity related to the Volantis in a project called Keymaster which appears to be already part of Android but apparently needs to be refactored for the 64-bit chip.


Volantis should have an excellent performance thanks to the Nvidia chip as the company promises PC like performance. The tablet was expected to be released on Google I/O in June this year. A now more likely release date is together with the release of Android L, Google’s latest OS that’s currently in developer preview.