Another Sony Ericsson phone suffers software glitch

Another Sony Ericsson mobile phone model has suffered a software glitch that has caused problems ranging from loss of touch screen functionality to randomly powering down.

Specifically, Aino smartphone owners complained of touch screens that suddenly stopped working which prevents owners from using many of the Aino’s features.

Around one week ago, Sony Ericsson Satio phones suffered a software glitch that left phone owners with phones that randomly powered down.  Sony Ericsson reportedly has told European journalists that only a small number of people have been affected so far, but UK stores say the problem is more serious than previously reported.

sony-ericsson-saitoUK retailers Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse said a “high number” of Satio owners returned their devices, with reports of software glitches that take away from its abilities.  Some phone owners say the Sony Ericsson Satio has better game playing ability than the Apple iPhone, but high-profile software problems will only hurt Sony Ericsson.
This is one of the worst possible times a tech manufacturer can have software issues, as this is an extremely busy shopping period during a time when consumers are very careful about their spending.

Sony Ericsson is trying to play catch up in the expanding smartphone market, recently announcing its first Google Android-powered smartphone. It is best known for its once popular music phones, but has greatly struggled trying to release smartphones with robust GUIs.

The company faces stiff competition from Apple, Research In Motion, HTC, and other more-established smartphone manufacturers.  It must now work diligently to fix these current software issues — and prevent them from happening again — if it hopes to remain relevant in a mobile phone industry transitioning away from specialized music gaming and music phones towards robust smartphones.