AnyDVD is reborn, version available – first release by RedFox

The former employees of Slysoft, now together in an entity called RedFox, have released a new version of AnyDVD. The new release adds support for the Redfox Online Protection Database and new Blu-ray discs. For existing AnyDVD license owners the software will work as usual. The changelog is below.


  • AnyDVD reborn! SlySoft is dead, long live RedFox!
  • This is an intermediate release, so old customers can continue to use their existing AnyDVD license to watch their discs.
  • This version can access the new RedFox Online Protection Database
  • This version will only work, if already own a valid AnyDVD license
  • For compatibility with 3rd party programs, AnyDVD will still use “SlySoft” for directories and registry paths
  • It will replace an existing SlySoft AnyDVD installation
  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

This new version also introduces a new download page from which you can download not only AnyDVD but also CloneBD, CloneCD, CloneDVD (Mobile) and Virtual CloneDrive. With this release AnyDVD and its development appear to be back to normal.