AnyDVD update prevents Cinavia detection on Blu-ray players

Slysoft released an update to AnyDVD that prevents Blu-ray playback software from detecting the Cinavia copy protection. This means backups of Cinavia protected discs can be played on all PCs without an issue. The release of AnyDVD prevents detection on all currently existing software players.

AnyDVD Boxshot

This includes all Arcosoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 and 6 versions, all Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 and 13 versions, all Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 OEM versions, al Corel WinDVD 11 versions and all Nero Blu-ray player versions.

The Cinavia copy-protection, mandatory on all Blu-ray players since 2012, makes use of audio watermarks embedded in the audio stream of a movie. When a backup is created also the audio is transferred and when the Cinavia detector in Blu-ray players determines that the watermark does not match credentials on the disc, the protection is  triggered. This usually means that after 20 minutes playback is stopped or audio is muted.


The release quickly follows the release of the CinEx module from DVD-Ranger which was released last week. This newcomer joins Slysoft and DVDFab in their quest on defeating Cinavia so home users can make backups of their precious Blu-ray discs again. Download this latest release from the Slysoft website, they have a special promotion that gives you 20% off till the 25th of August 2013.

We recently published an article on Cinavia that explains in depth how the protection works and what you can do if you encounter it.

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