‘Apple fighting with movie studios about price of Ultra HD movies’

Posted 29 August 2017 16:13 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Apple is in negotiation with Hollywood about the price of ultra HD movies on the new Apple TV set top box. Apple is reportedly willing to ask a maximum of $20 for the movies, the same price as for some new movies in full HD. However, the movie studios want Apple to ask $25 to $30 per movie.

The Wall Street Journal reports this based on sources close to the negotiations.

The negotiations are similar to those when Apple started with its online music store iTunes. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs then strongly felt that each track should costs a maximum of $1 and that albums would be sold at $10. Record labels wanted higher prices but in the end they surrendered. Partly because the labels suffered from online piracy and were hungry for a popular legal alternative.

The Hollywood studios want to have control over their own prices, according sources to the Wall Street Journal. “I also don’t tell Apple what to charge for their iPads”, according to a source within a studio against the Wall Street Journal.

It’s expected that Apple will reveal the new Apple TV next month. The device would support 4K video for the first time. During a press-event on the 12th of September, Apple is also expected to reveal new iPhones and a new Apple watch.

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