Apple Issues Supplemental Update to Fix OS Catalina’s Bugs

Last Tuesday, October 15, 2019, Apple issued a supplemental update to fix vulnerabilities in its latest macOS Catalina. The supplemental update came days after users of Macbooks came forward saying they have been experiencing issues alongside the update.

According to AppleInsider, Mac users reported a number of difficulties after installing Catalina. Some experienced the inability to booth up their computer while it remains connected to an eGPU. Meanwhile, others experienced their Macbooks freezing or opening then restarting all over again, notes Tech Radar.

Other users also disclosed the vulnerabilities of the system, leading these to affect messages in their email. Tech Radar states the bugs affected the system’s ability to sync across a variety of devices. Apart from these, generally moving messages and backing up emails may prove challenging for those who already downloaded the upgrade.

Apple Issues Supplemental Update


Although the root of the issue remains unclear, Apple already issued a supplemental update to address problems in the system. The new update reportedly addresses a few bugs in the OS, including installation reliability on computers with low disk space.

In addition, the fix improved the reliability of saving Game Center Data and resolving iCloud issues, reports Mac World. Prior to issuing a fix, users experienced forced iCloud logins up to 12 times a day, says AppleInsider.

The developer of email plug-ins for Apple Mail Michael Tsai advised users to steer clear of the upgrade. Kinks in the system should be ironed out prior to installing the Mac 10.15 Catalina, said Tsai.

AppleInsider researchers believe the problem stemmed from the AMD Polaris drivers graphics cards, namely the Radeon 570 and 580. Tech Radar reports that Mac mini users are the customers most affected by these issues.

Researchers from AppleInsider maintains the testing of Sonnet eGPU with a Sapphire 570 graphics card. Upon inspection, the team reportedly found these issues present within the combination. Having tested these, AppleInsider is confident in saying that Vega 56, Vega 64, and Vega VII remain safe and secure.


While Apple regular publish compatible systems that work well with these updates and graphics cards, some systems are under fire. Industry experts say this comes from the differences in power requirements of the eGPUs.

Despite issuing a supplemental update, iTunes was still removed as a result of rolling out macOS Catalina 10.15. Besides these changes, Apple’s Catalina allowed iPads to be used as a second screen and it eliminated 32-bit apps.