Apple might be working on ‘Netflix for games’

Apple is reportedly working on a subscription service for games. For a fixed monthly fee, users should get access to a bundled list of games. Since autumn 2018, the company would be in talks with several game developers to offer a service that could be considered ‘the Netflix for games’, according to the website Cheddar, based on information from five sources.

Apple might be working on 'Netflix for games'

Details on the service are still unknown, therefore it’s unclear what the subscription will cost per month and what games Apple plans to offer. Possibly the service will offer a selection of games available in the App Store. According to the sources, the project is still in early stages.

Apple would also be in talks with several game developers on different ways of cooperation. The company would reportedly be interested in taking the role of publisher for several developers, according to two sources from Cheddar.

With Apple Music, the Cupertino tech giant already has a subscription service for music. The company is allegedly also working on its own video streaming service for which currently several series and movies are in the works.