Apple Now Sells Satechi USB-C As Multiport Adapter


US-based consumer electronics provider Satechi announced its Apple-exclusive USB-C Multiport Pro, exclusively sold at Apple’s website and Apple Stores.

The new Satechi adapter comes in space gray color and is priced at $70. It features USB-C port for power, USB-A, SD and Micro SD, packed in one device for convenience.


The USB-C Multiport Pro is slim and sleek, combines accessibility and compactness to a new level. It has 4k HDMI port and provides optimal charging speeds to power Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and even Mac.

Satechi said in an article published by Beta News that, “The integrated dual card reader slots in the USB-C Multiport Pro Adapter gives users the freedom to quickly transfer photos, download high-resolution videos and back up files with ease, up to 104mbs.”

While this device is exclusively sold by Apple, it can also work with Windows 10 devices. The accessory is versatile and works seamlessly with any type of devices.


Apple Now Sells Satechi USB-C As Multiport Adapter

Apple’s Partnership with tech brands

Apple is known to collaborate with tech brands to create accessories that enhance the performance of their devices. For instance, the tech giant recently partners with New Native Union to create dock wireless charger Marquetry edition, drop wireless charger and universal cable. These are new generation chargers that provide convenient charging.

In addition to chargers, Apple also sells slim sleeve case for iPad, leather case for iPhones, Hub bridge charger and lightning cable.

Belkin is another brand that partners with Apple, launching the new Qi wireless chargers for iPhone 8 and later generations. This device boosts the charging and power of iPhones.

‘USB-C is the future’

Newest MacBook devices don’t have USB-A ports anymore because Apple is trying to shift to USB-C as a move to modernize its devices. MacBook Air and Pro 2019 only has the charging port and the new USB-C port, which also works on iPhones and iPads for charging.

A separate accessory is needed if a user needs to transfer files from a regular USB to the MacBook.

In one way, partnership with Satechi indicates Apple’s support to tech brands that can fortify the user experience of its customers. Using other devices is also not a problem, however, what Apple sells are high-tier products that provide optimal performance.

The Satechi USB-C Multiport Pro is only available at Apple website and Apple stores. The brand doesn’t sell it to its own website.