Apple releases iPhone 5 details

Apple has just released details on its latest smartphone, the iPhone 5. Many rumors about the phone already appeared on the internet and most of them seem to be true.  This is new for Apple as it usually kept its products pretty secret until launch. The phone is 7.6mm thick and 112 grams, making it 18% thinner and 20% lighter.

It has a 4″  Retina screen with a resolution of 1136×640. Also the used CPU, the A6, is smaller. It should be 22% smaller than the previous CPU used in the iPhone 4S, but also more energy efficient. It also has a new image processor which should reduce noise and have better color matching.

The iPhone 5 runs on iOS6 which comes with a new maps application, and like Google Chrome, allows you to share tabs from your desktop to your phone. Of course Apple’s personal assistant Siri received an update. According to Apple, iOS6 is “the most advanced operating system in any mobile device”.

Like most new (or upcoming) smartphones, the iPhone 5  is truly 4G as it supports LTE (up to 100 Mbps downloads), but it can also connect to (your) Wifi networks using 802.11.a/b/g. The camera in the phone is pretty much the same 8 MP as in the 4S, but only a bit smaller, supports panorama shots  and 1080p video. The front facing camera has a 720p resolution.

The phone has a new connector called Lightning, replacing the 9 year old Ipod connector. Apple is working with accessory manufacturers to create adapters to be able to continue to use your old docking stations and other accessories. It comes in two colors, a black or white front.