Apple to Release New Time to Run, Audio Meditations Features

Tech giant Apple is planning to roll out a version of the Time to Walk and Time to Push features for runners called Time to Run, reported MacRumors. The company will also release Audio Meditations, presumable for mindfulness exercises.

Time to Walk is a new feature rolled out at the beginning of the year available only for Apple Fitness+ members. It provides audio stories that can be pulled up from the Workout application and listened to using the AirPods or other wireless audio gear while users walk.

Wheelchair users also have a similar feature called Time to Push, which provides Apple Fitness+ users with new audio stories, including ones by gold medalist Paralympian Kurt Fearnley, according to Tech Times.

Apple to Release New Time to Run

The new audio story feature for runners will allow users to select Time to Run through the Workout application via the Apple Watch. It is expected to have stories from individuals associated with running, which runners can listen to while they run.

On the other hand, Audio Meditations is expected to be part of the Apple Watch’s Reflect application designed to help users perform meditations.

Apple has been improving its Fitness+ interface, just in time for the new Apple Watch and new iOS versions. According to MacRumors, the company has made enhancements on the Fitness+ interface in iOS 15 beta versions.

Fitness+ subscribers will also be enjoying more filters to refine workout types. Users will be able to pick Equipment and Body Focus in the Strength category, for example.

The new features will be released at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 7. TechTimes said that it may be around the fall of 2021.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 will come with minor redesigns, particularly a flatter display compared to its previous iterations. It will also feature an updated screen and a more capable processor. TechTimes noted that the new watchOS 8 will be released around this time, as well.

Aside from the two new Fitness+ features and the new Apple Watch, 9 to 5 Mac revealed that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 13, a new version of the AirPods (AirPods 3), iPad mini 6, and iPad 9.

Meanwhile, MacBook Pro will be seeing a new version, but it will not be revealed in September when Apple typically holds an event for its new launches. The new MacBook is expected to have M1X chips.