“Apple to use OLED displays on upcoming iPads”

Apple plans to release iPads with OLED displays, according to the South Korean website ETNews. The iPads with OLED displays should become available in 2017. Until now Apple only used LCDs screens in its tablets.

iPad Air

The Japanese JOLED is mentioned as the manufacturer of the display. JOLED is a joint venture of Japan Display Sony and Panasonic and plans to start mass production of OLED displays by the end of 2016. This means the first OLED iPads should become available by 2017.

Till now Apple only used LCDs for its iPads, however the displays of the Apple Watch are, according to persistent rumors, OLED displays. The Apple Watch is also the first time Apple gains experience with OLED in a product. The OLED display of the Apple Watch is said to be manufactured by LG.

It’s unknown whether the technology giant from Cupertino also wants to use OLED displays in iPhones. While tablets with OLED screens are rare, several smartphones with OLED screens been sold. Especially Samsung uses OLED on its own smartphones and also the most recent Galaxy Tab S tablets were fitted with an OLED display.

Because OLEDs are their own light sources, the screen can disable the pixels that should display black. With an LCD screen,which uses a backlight, that’s not possible. Therefore OLED can display deeper black levels and achieve higher contrast ratios than LCD displays.