Arusoft changes license structure of Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again

Russian company Arusoft has changed the license structure of its Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again. With the new license structure, DeUHD is available in a Lite, Standard and Pro version. The Lite version expires after 6 months, the Standard and Pro versions are lifetime licenses.

Arusoft changes license structure of Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool, DeUHD, again

It’s now the 5th time Arusoft makes changes to the DeUHD licenses. The company started with a lifetime license for €199 ($237). Later the company announced those licenses would disappear and in return 6 month, auto renewed, licenses for €60 ($71)  were the only option. Later the company changed its mind and introduced the lifetime license again, but the price changed to €299 ($356).

After a while, also that price was upped. This time to €399 ($476), according to the company because of increased research and development costs. With the price increase also the daily limit of 2 discs per day that could be ripped was raised to 6 disc per day. Also existing lifetime license holders benefitted from the increase in discs that could be ripped per day.

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Today that was changed as well. Existing lifetime subscribers who purchased for €199 (and possibly €299) seem now to be owners of the Standard license. These users report on our DeUHD Forum that they are now no longer able to rip 6 discs per day, but are back to 2 Ultra HD Blu-ray discs they can rip each day.

For existing 6 month subscribers nothing changes and users who recently purchased a lifetime license for €399 are now in the Pro tier which means they can rip 6 discs per day and their requested for adding new movies is prioritized.

Together with the change, also a new version of DeUHD was released. Version adds support for new discs, fixes an installation issue and DeUHD is now also available in Italian. You can download the new version here.

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