Arusoft to end sales of lifetime license, switches to 6 month license – hardware bundles now available worldwide

Posted 22 November 2017 17:28 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Arusoft has updated their website stating that lifetime subscriptions will not be available for long anymore. The company will switch to a subscription model where users can purchase a license that is valid for 6 months. The company also updated its website with its hardware bundles that come with a lifetime subscription and are shipped to users around the world.

The DeUHD website now states, “Notice: We added 6 months subscription. From next month, Lifetime subscription will be not available. Please take the last chance to get DeUHD lifetime license.(From today to Nov.30)”

That means users who want to purchase a lifetime subscription for DeUHD can still do so till the 30th of November, after that date only 6 month subscriptions will be available. Where a lifetime subscription sells at €199 ($233), the 6 month subscription costs €60 ($70). That means a lifetime subscription is better value after about 1.5 years.

Besides that, the company has also made their hardware bundles available. The Asus 12D2HT + a lifetime license of DeUHD costs  €264 ($310), and the Asus BW16D1HT combined with a lifetime DeUHD license is available at €276 ($324). The company will ship to users worldwide.

Both drives have been testeds to be compatible with DeUHD and Arusoft told us it’s not making a profit on the drives. That could be possible, as we wrote before, the hardware bundles are priced pretty good compared to buying each of the drives with a lifetime license separately.

Two days ago, also DeUHD (.EXE +/- 10.8MB) was released. As usual, this update adds support for new movies and, it also adds the Japanese language as a choice of the software’s interface.

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