Arusoft extends sales period of DeUHD lifetime licenses due to technical reasons

Posted 01 December 2017 23:25 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

While Arusoft previously announced it would pull the plug on lifetime DeUHD licenses by the 30th of November, the company now states on its website that sales of lifetime licenses is extended with a couple of days. According to Arusoft, due to technical reasons.

After the lifetime licenses have been finally pulled, the only possibility to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs is to buy a 6-month license from Arusoft. Such a license is sold at €60 at is automatically renewed.

We’re not sure why the DeUHD license scheme changes and what the technical reasons behind prolonging the sales period of the lifetime license are. However, the company has started to sell hardware bundles, where a DeUHD lifetime license is bundled with either an Asus BC12D2HT or ASUS BW16D1HT Blu-ray drive. It’s possible that the company will only make lifetime licenses available to buyers of those bundles. But it could also be a possibility that the hardware bundles will be sold with a different license in the future.

With the lifetime license currently going at €199,- the 6-month license becomes more expensive after you extended it 3-4 times (respectively €180 or €240 or 1.5 – 2 years). So if you want to get the lifetime license as long as it’s available, head over to the DeUHD website. You can do a free trial, before you buy.

The software has been rapidly become popular on, our DeUHD forum is very active with users sharing their experiences with the software and helping each other with further processing of the Ultra HD Blu-ray rips made by the software.

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