Arusoft increases DeUHD daily disc ripping limit and raises price of lifetime license again

Posted 02 January 2018 17:58 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Arusoft has raised the number of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs that can be ripped with DeUHD with yesterday’s release, version Besides that, the company also announced another price increase of a lifetime license of the software.

A lifetime license started at €199 ($240) when DeUHD was initially released. Last week the company raised that to €299 ($360) and since yesterday the company increased that price to €399 ($480). The reason of the price increase are rising research and development, and maintenance costs, according to the company on its website.

To make the lifetime license more appealing, the number of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs that can be ripped each day has been increased from two to six. Existing lifetime license owners also benefit from the increased disc limit.

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New users have to decide for themselves whether the increased disc limit is worth their money. They now have two options, either pay  €60 ($72) for an auto renewed 6 months license with a 2 disc per day limit, or pay €399 for a lifetime license with a 6 disc per day limit. After about 3.5 years the lifetime license is cheaper than the 6 month license. But the lifetime license might also be worth the money if you want to rip more than 2 discs per day.

Besides the increased daily disc limit, version also adds support for new Ultra HD Blu-ray movies, including different versions of movies already supported by DeUHD.

Discuss this new release in our DeUHD Forum where you can also find the download link and the new movies that have been added.

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