Arusoft releases DeUHD 1.0.02 – posts more info on supported Blu-ray drives

Arusoft has made a new version available of their Ultra HD Blu-ray copy software DeUHD. The mysterious Russian software company has bumped the version number from to

Arusoft releases DeUHD 1.0.02 - posts more info on supported Blu-ray drives

At the moment we don’t know what has changed as the company hasn’t provided any changelog. Likely the company received the first feedback from users who have been either trying the free trial or a full licensed version of the software.

The company has also added a possibility to search for movie titles on their website, making it easier for user to find whether the movies they own can be successfully backed up with DeUHD.

Also the page with information about Blu-ray drives supported by the company has been updated. On the page the company also explains why the rips made with DeUHD can’t be used with virtual drive software. The company explains that this is caused by bus encryption implemented on all Ultra HD Blu-ray drives:

All UHD Blu-ray discs and all drives that can read them implement bus-encryption. Therefore, you cannot rip the disc with a third party tool, then use it in a virtual drive as source. That ISO will still have that drive-specific encryption on and will be useless. DeUHD tool works directly with the drive to decrypt both drive and AACS2 layers of encryption. If it will be a significant demand, then we will implement the rip to protected iso, which can be used with virtual drive, as source.

Download the new version of DeUHD here (.EXE 12MB, Virustotal results here).

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Update: we just received the changelog of the latest version

  • Support to try 3 discs in trial version.
  • Support some new discs, check the details from
  • Decrypt all the m2ts files 8~10 minutes in the trial version, means that you can watch the movie with the navigation menu.
  • Improved the rip speed in trial version.