Arusoft releases DeUHD – prices of hardware bundles leaked

Arusoft released a new version of DeUHD today. The changelog of version reveals the company made improvements in the encryption process. The changelog further mentions the usual addition of titles to DeUHD’s supported titles list. We also found that the website of DeUHD already secretly reveals prices of the hardware bundles.

Arusoft releases DeUHD -  prices of hardware bundles leaked

Prices of the hardware bundles, where the DeUHD software is bundled with either a ASUS BC-12D2HT or BW16D1HT Blu-ray drive, can be found on the DeUHD website by digging around in the source code.

The code reveals that a lifetime subscription to DeUHD bundled with the ASUS 12D2HT will be sold at €264 (+/- $307). DeUHD bundled with another drive, the ASUS BW16D1HT, is listed for  €276 (+/- $322) .

The ASUS BC-12D2HT is currently priced $104.28 at Amazon and $109.99 at Newegg. The Asus BW16D1HT is current sold at Newegg for $83.99 and comes with a free 10 pack of Verbatim DVD+R discs. The BW16D1HT is also available at Amazon where it costs $89.99 and comes with 1 pack of M-Disc BD.

A lifetime license of DeUHD costs €199 (+/-$232), so if the prices we found on the DeUHD website are correct, the hardware bundles are very competitively priced.

Keep in mind however, that the company has not officially announced the bundles, so it’s possible bundles and prices will be changed.

Download DeUHD version here (. EXE – 10.82MB – VirusTotal results)

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