Arusoft releases DeUHD

Posted 20 August 2018 16:54 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Arusoft today released version of its Ultra HD Blu-ray (UHD BD) ripping software, DeUHD. The new version is already on the company’s servers but Arusoft has not updated its website with the changelog and also hasn’t posted what new UHD BD discs and different versions of already supported titles were added.

In the beginning, Arusoft released a new version of DeUHD every week. Nowadays, the company only releases infrequent updates. This time it took the company a week to release an update, but the previous version,, was released a month after its predecessor. While the time between updates is longer, the company now usually also adds new features, instead of the regular weekly movie updates.

It’s very likely the company also added support for new titles this time, but the company has not yet posted a list on its website.

Discuss this release on our DeUHD Forum | Download DeUHD (Thanks for notifying us TwinParadox!)

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