Asus 3D monitor is world’s largest

While television makers clamor to get their 3D TVs to market, Asus and other computer hardware companies are already battling for 3D monitor supremacy.

Asus has fired the latest shot with the 27-inch PG276, which according to TechRadar is the world’s largest 3D computer monitor to date. We’re short some key details, including resolution and price, but Slashgear reports that the monitor has 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (a number so astronomical I’m not even sure it means anything), 120 Hz refresh rate and 2 ms response time, making a good candidate for PC gaming.

The PG276 also features anti-reflective “color-shine” technology. Inputs include HDMI, DVI and Component video.

Asus 3D monitor is world's largest

Asus’ main rival in the 3D monitor game appears to be Acer. Last I checked, Acer had released the biggest 3D computer monitor on the market in the 23.6-inch GD235HZ. Samsung and Viewsonic are also in the fray, both with 22-inch monitors, and Alienware has a 23-inch offering. In addition to monitors, Asus and Acer have also released laptops that support 3D gaming.

In general, these monitors won’t break the bank, ranging from $300 to $400, give or take. But to get the 3D effect for PC, you’ll need Nvidia’s 3D Vision kit for gaming, which costs $200, plus a compatible video card. Games are already available and support 3D with varying levels of quality, as NVidia indicates on its own website.

I like the idea of 3D gaming on a computer monitor is better than in the living room because there’s very little between you and the monitor, plus you needn’t worry about accommodating other people with their own expensive 3D glasses. Still, I won’t consider a purchase unless I know the monitor will work with the Playstation 3’s upcoming 3D support, and it’s not clear whether any of the products out today can do it.