Atos Starts New Deal with Météo-France With 1 Exabyte Storage


Prior to the 7-year contract with Météo-France, Atos inks another deal to supply a new mass storage system to keep huge volumes of meteorological data in one system.

With a storage capacity of up to 1,3 exabytes by 2025, the French national meteorological service can collect, ingest, and render data for climate change research. This will be record-breaking, with Météo-France being the first organization in the world to have substantial data in one storage.


Météo-France confirms Atos’s strong capabilities in delivering and managing bigger volumes of data and creating a functional storage system. This new solution is complete with monitors and administrators to check the storage performance of the systems.

Atos Starts New Deal with Météo-France

In addition, the deal comes with support and maintenance for the whole lifecycle of five years or until 2025. Atos will be combining disk and tape storage technologies to keep accessing the data and use tape robotics for efficient processes.


“We’re happy to enforce our relationship with Météo-France with the addition of this new contract to provide and manage its data storage system, in addition to its supercomputing solution,” said Atos senior vice president Agnes Boudot.

Boudot added that Météo-France has seen confidence in Atos for the unique capacity and expertise in the storage solutions market. “[Météo-France] want Atos to implement this project in order to manage this growth of data down to the exabyte level,” said Boudot.

Last year, Atos also signed a four-year deal with the French meteorological service for supercomputers based on BullSequana technology. This powers up Météo-France’s current solution and achieve more scientific breakthroughs in weather forecasting.

The supercomputers are capable of processing billions of computer operations per second, one of the best and most powerful in the world. The enhanced digital transformation is needed for more precise and reliable forecasting information.

This could impact the advance and high-impact phenomenon, and to help scientists refine studies and research on climate change. According to reports, this supercomputer deal costs roughly €42 million excluding tax. Plus, this is the first time that Météo-France has renewed a supercomputer contract.

The BullSequana is energy efficient and has a water-cooled patented direct liquid cooling solution to minimize footprint or global energy. It consumes energy using warm water up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Atos has an annual revenue of €12 billion and considered Europe’s number one cybersecurity, computing, and end-to-end data solutions.