AttackIQ Launches Intelligent Security Support Platform

Cyberattack simulation solutions vendor AttackIQ just revealed innovations promoting the AttackIQ Informed Defense Architecture (AIDA), reported Security Boulevard. This new solution seeks to emulate adversaries to tech artificial intelligence and machine learning defences.

The vendor is the first to offer a system that automatically verifies the use of AI and ML cyber protection technologies.

The company defines its AIDA as “the only adversary emulation architecture built to test AI and ML-based cyber defense technologies in production, while emulation comprehensive, multi-stage attacks.” The updates are designed to enhance AIDA’s capabilities.

AttackIQ Intelligent Security Support Platform

Particularly, the AIDA updates include the Anatomic Engine, the Network Control Validation Module, and the Hosted Agent. The Anatomic Engine facilitates the creation of complex attacks to emulate threats.

The second takes a comprehensive network topology map and attack replays. The combination allows organizations to test their security controls and provide guidance, Meanwhile, the third makes the deployment of the system more accessible.

Overall, the innovations seek to strengthen its cybersecurity defenses that deploy AI and ML by testing its capabilities against advanced and persisted, albeit emulated threats. They are also used to help clients make the most out of their security purchases.

Over the years, AttackIQ’s offerings have been helping various industries reinforce their cybersecurity. However, the need to enhance their defenses remains to be present, increasing the need for adaptability and scalability.

AttackIQ’s addition to its AIDA offering provides a way to automatically test the security systems’ ability to counter attacks.

British United Provident Association (BUPA) chief information security officer (CISO) Paul Haywood said, “To keep up with the onslaught of new attacks, security programs must evolve from reactive and siloed to proactive and collaborative.”

He added, “Our approach is to leverage the threat-informed defense and purple team strategy across our cybersecurity and risk organization, so we have continuous fidelity on how our people, processes, and technologies are performing to protect our customers and our data.”

AttackIQ CEO Brett Galloway remarked, “To validate cybersecurity effectiveness against real-world threats, organizations need a platform that can emulate the adversary with specificity and realism at every step in the cyber attack process, which is no small feat.”

The additions are also meant to make cybersecurity systems more future-proof. Galloway added, “We’ve developed a future-proof series of technology innovations in our kill chain testing that accounts for individual tasks and mimics human adversarial behavior.”

Ultimately, the updates are expected to make improvements much more dynamic and forward-looking.