Authentic Artists Brings AI-Powered Artists to Games, Streaming

San Francisco-based startup company Authentic Artists is slated to launch a new artificial intelligence platform designed to help create virtual artists. The news comes after James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems invested in Authentic Artists in a seed funding round on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, notes Deadline.

Apart from Lupa Systems, Deadline notes that other investors of the company include the likes of Bill Silva Ventures; Brian Ruder, co-head of Global Technology at Permira; Chad Hollingsworth, Senior Vice President at Liberty Media; Charlie Walker, C3 Presents co-founder; Craig Donato, CBO at Roblox; Liz Hamren, Chief Vice President of Gaming Engineering at Microsoft; Mike Shinoda, co-founder of Linkin Park; Mixi Group; OVO Fund; and Young Guru.

Authentic Artists is a company that provides an AI-powered platform to help compose and produce songs made by virtual artists, allowing “entirely new, never-before-seen virtual music experiences designed to serve the evolving preferences, tastes and desires of fans searching for truly unique content.”

Authentic Artists Brings AI-Powered Artists

With its platform, Deadline states that the company can provide endless amounts of interactive experiences to users from gaming, streaming, and music applications.

As virtual concerts continue to draw huge crowds in popular online games such as Fortnite and gaming destination Roblox, Authentic Artists intends to cater to the ever-changing needs and preferences of users from all around the globe.

As part of its launch, Venture Beat reports that the company has already created a prototype of 12 virtual artists using artificial intelligence. This list includes a lofi-loving cyborg and a high-octane half-iguana DJ. Users of the service are able to provide the virtual artists of their choice their desired input, which the prototypes will use to generate outcomes accordingly.

Tech Crunch reveals that the AI system has since been tried out in the streaming platform Twitch. Chief executive officer of Authentic Artists Chris McGarry said that they received an overwhelming response to their system, with viewers watching the concert for an average of 35 minutes.

Here, Tech Crunch said that the system was responsive to the requests of fans and users alike. Among the changes that the virtual artists can make include increasing the intensity of a song, moving to the next song, or decreasing the music’s tempo.

Following the launch of the new artificial intelligence program, Authentic Artists will start unveiling its virtual lineup of artists next week starting on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The platform will start its concerts on Twitch, alongside streamers on the said platform.