Avatar still breaking home entertainment records

Twentieth Century Fox announced on Sunday that 6.7 million copies of Avatar have been sold through the first four days of the movie’s release in the United States and Canada.

The total sales amount to approximately $130 million, Twentieth Century’s top four-day sales holder. Avatar also overtook The Dark Knight to crack open a new one day sales record for a Blu-ray Disc release on its debut sales day. The film smashed worldwide record sales, with the theater release earning $2.7 billion in ticket sales, with talks of an Avatar re-release this summer.

Twentieth Century Fox also has additional time to sell copies of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc, after Netflix and Redbox both agreed to a 28-day sales window.  The deals are important since it was disclosed two months ago that the movie would be pushed to DVD as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, News Corp CEO Robert Murdoch said the Avatar DVD will never have 3D support.

Avatar still breaking home entertainment records

The movie studio is offering the movie on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Around 2.7 million of the total 6.7 million tally have been Blu-ray sales, with the film performing very well on the high-definition optical format.

The sky is the limit for Avatar, especially as the movie is now available for sale in the United Kingdom, with other releases expected soon.  Avatar helped increase consumer interest in 3D. A 3D Blu-ray version of the movie is expected to be released in the future, possibly in 2011.