Barnes & Noble delays Nook shipments

Barnes & Noble will wait at least one week before releasing its Nook e-reader to consumers because of such high demand, not long after the company said it was out of stock for Christmas.

The bookstore is now focused on ensuring customers who placed an order for the Nook prior to Nov. 20 will have their devices first, and then will handle demand as best as it can.  Nook, which was released in late October for $259, quickly sold out, with Barnes & Noble urging interested consumers to remain patient.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Nook online, it won’t ship until Monday, Jan. 4, according to Barnes & Noble, as demand is significantly higher than originally expected.  Anyone who purchased one before the B&N announcement should still receive their Nook before Christmas.

173999-nook_thumb_originalIn an attempt to help convince consumers to purchase a Nook for Christmas, Barnes & Noble will mail a Nook holiday certificate before Dec. 24.

E-readers are expected to be one of the most popular tech items this holiday season, as a number of manufacturers are now offering a range of devices in this product category.

The Amazon Kindle had a record sales month in November, but exact sales numbers remain unknown since chooses to keep specific figures secret.  Due to the supply shortages among B&N and other retailers, Amazon may be able to cash in further as consumers increase online spending.

A combination of lowering e-reader prices, additional e-book content, and a number of different products has led analysts to believe this will lead to record sales.

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