Batman vs Superman will be first 4k movie on triple layer Blu-ray disc

Movie studios are beginning to use the potential benefits of the larger, 100gb discs for their 4k Ultra Blu-ray movies.  Warner Brothers Studio announced that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be the first movie released on this type of triple layer Blu-ray media.




A great deal of the extra room on the disc seems to be dedicated to “extras”, including deleted scenes and at least ten behind the scenes featurettes.  However, the main feature has also been extended and is now three hours long.

The movie will be released in a smaller, digital format sometime next week.  The DVD and Blu-ray versions will hit the market on July 19th in the US and August 1st in the UK.  I, for one, cannot see the benefit of staggered release dates for the different formats, and the digital release before everything else would tend to cut into disc sales.  With disc sales declining already, this makes little sense.

Very few people seem to believe the 4k format will be successful over the long haul, at least as a mass market phenomenon.  Will extras, and three hours movies pull in enough hard core video enthusiasts to support this format?  This first 100gb release seems underwhelming to say the least.

Inside CI broke the story, so you can read more at their site.