Beewise Launches AI-Powered Beehive to Save Colonies

Tel Aviv, Israel-based agricultural technology company Beewise announced that it had launched Beehome, the first smart home designed for bees. The artificial intelligence-powered technology is reportedly designed to protect beehives and colonies.

The announcement comes a few weeks after Beewise successfully raised $10 million in its Series A funding round. Venture Beat states the funding round was led by Fortissimo and with the special participation of Michael Eisenberg.

Apart from the aforementioned investors, Venture Beat states that Arc Impact, Atooro Fund, and lool Ventures also took part in the Series A investment round. The funding will reportedly be allocated to provide its AI-powered Beehome to beekeepers and crop owners.

Beewise Launches AI-Powered Beehive

Based on Beewise’s press release, “Beehome is an autonomous, solar-powered beehive.” It makes use of the combined technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities while being coupled with precision robotics in order to protect the colonies and the hives the bees live in, states Forbes.

Beewise reimagines beehives and their colonies into a different space using a shipping container that has been retrofitted to accommodate a total of 40 beehives or around 2 million bees, shares Venture Beat. It is also equipped with sensors to help monitor the state of the bees and hives through a dashboard and controlled with the help of a remote.

Beehome works by monitoring the honey and pollination capacity of bees. Likewise, Venture Beat reveals that the artificial intelligence-powered beehive will also make it easier for beekeepers to keep tabs on bees and their hives through sensors, allowing them to gauge when the beehives are plagued with diseases and lack of nutrition.

In addition to protecting beehives, Forbes reports that Beehome is also expected to protect the global supply food chain, which the chief executive officer of Beewise, Saar Safra, states directly stems from the protection of bees and their ecosystems.

Moreover, the innovation could also help provide a more sustainable future while also preventing the further effects of climate change.  “When we gave a 35% global annual decline of bee colonies that support 75% of crops, the immediate and serious threats to the global food supply is clear,” said Safra.

“Preventing bee colonies from collapsing allows for more pollination and honey production,” continued Safra in her interview with Forbes.

In a statement via its company press release, CEO Safra said that “Beehome is a holistic solution that works with both speed and accuracy. And by deploying it in California, which comprises such a vital portion of the U.S. agricultural system, we can make immediate impact on the ecosystem.”