‘Belarus customs facilitated Windows 8 piracy’

While Microsoft is receiving a lot of criticism on their upcoming operating system Windows 8, it seems the buzz has also created a lot of interest from computer users.  On the Piratebay (TPB) Software top 100, Windows 8 is on the 5th and 13th place,  where its main competitors are Microsoft’s own Office 2010 and packages with Adobe software.  While the download is very popular only a limited amount of people will be able to actually use the Windows 8 RTM torrent.

'Belarus customs facilitated Windows 8 piracy'

For the installation to become valid, Windows 8 needs to contact an activation server. Several sites from software crackers are reporting that an offline activator is being worked on. That way the crackers will probably write software that emulates the response of an actual activation server. However for a short while an activation server was available for those trying to activate their Windows 8 RTM torrent. According to the Russian website Hi-Tech.mail.ru,  a Key Management  Server (KMS) server was running on the IP address, probably for testing purposes and this allowed server people to activate their installation.

At the moment the server has been taken offline, but hundreds of people claimed to have activated their copy of Windows 8 using this server. It’s likely that Microsoft has contacted the Belarus officials to get the server offline.