Belgium has 36 dial-up internet users left

Belgium, an European country with 11 million citizens has 36 users left that make use of dial-up internet access.  The figures come from the Belgian organization for internet providers. The number of internet connections is still  sight increasing, with currently 3.7 million connected homes.


There are no Belgian providers anymore that offer dial-up subscriptions but users who once purchased a dial-up subscription can continue to use them of which now 36 are left. In the last months of last year one dial-up subscribed cancelled his account, three months earlier there were 37 dial-up subscribers left.

The providers also report that there are 143 business who still have a dial-up subscription, but these are likely used as backup for when the broadband connection is down. The amount of internet connections in Belgium is around 3.7 million  and still slowly growing. Of the 3.7 million connections, 3 million are home subscribers, that number slightly increased the last three months with 1.52%. The numbers are only for wired internet, internet connections over 3G or 4G are not counted in the numbers.