Best credit card app for Android phones in 2020


The world is increasingly gearing towards cashless transactions, making credit cards no longer a luxury but a necessity. With this in mind, we compiled a list of the best credit card apps for Android devices. Check them out:

Capital One Mobile

Car review and rating company, J. D. Power, recognized the Capital One Mobile app as the ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction amongst Mobile Banking Apps, 2 Years in a Row’ precisely because it allows users to manage their credit cards in a secure and friendly manner. This application is equipped with a fast Fingerprint and SureSwipe, enabling easy access without compromising protection. Users also have the option to use Zelle, a money transfer service that guarantees security.


American Express

The American Express Amex app allows customers to access their bank account anytime, anywhere. Also gaining recognition from J. D. Power for its user-friendly interface, Amex is preferred by users for its informational and clear content. Customers do not have to look far and wide for info on how to maximize savings, and access rewards and benefits. This info is easily accessible within the app.

Discover Mobile

One of the most remarkable things about the Discover Mobile app is that it lets users deposit checks even without visiting a branch. Clients simply have to take a clear photo of the check, follow the instructions and you are good to go. Aside from this feature, clients can have secure access to their accounts, whilst also monitoring their balance and making transactions without worries.

Best credit card apps for Android


Wells Fargo Mobile

If you are big on security, then you will find the Wells Fargo Mobile app favorable. Screen captures are not allowed when this software is open, ensuring that shady individuals will not have access to your information via screenshots. Aside from this, the software allows you to sign in using your Fingerprint. Just like the Capital One Mobile app, Wells Fargo Mobile also incorporates the secure money transfer service, Zelle.

Credit Card Manager

Whilst not affiliated with any banks, Credit Card Manager is deemed useful by many customers because it enables them to manage multiple credit cards in just one app. This allows for more consolidated and convenient monitoring. What’s better is that this credit card app for Android also has due date reminders to alert you of upcoming due dates. Other tasks it can perform include keeping transaction records, making estimations and easy sorting.


Rated by Merchant Mavericks as the number 1 mobile POS app, this software enables business owners and their personnel to charge customers without swiping machines. Instead, it scans the card number using the Android device’s camera. You can rest assured that you and your customers’ info are safe as the POS app does not take photos, but merely scans and encrypts the image.

Where to Download Credit Card Apps for Android

When managing your credit account, trusted and secure software is essential. With these credit card apps for Android, you are on your way to getting in stride with the cashless economy, allowing you to make transactions without hassle. To download any of these free credit card apps, simply visit the Google Play store and type the name of the app into the top search bar. You will then be prompted to download your preferred app onto your device.