BlackBerry Addressees the Need for Productivity and Security

In a recent press release, BlackBerry Limited revealed that the BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suites are available for consumers. PR Newswire reported that this new update seeks to optimize businesses in terms of security management. It is also designed to adapt to the various Internet of Things (IoT) environments.

Considered a strategic update, the recent release by the company caters to organizations’ need for productivity without compromising security. It is offered in three tiers, giving businesses the chance to pick the best package to cater to their needs. Clients are also given the ability to switch to a lower or higher tier as the need arises.

The tiered system offers three options namely the Choice Suite, Freedom Suite, and Limitless Suite. Each level offers a variety of information technology solutions and tools to achieve different goals. This includes device management, ownership models, development tools and even digital rights management (DRM).

Combined with the flexibility and scalability of the Suite, BlackBerry ensures customers that implementing changes can be smooth. However, access to tools and applications varies depending on what level users choose to get.


BlackBerry Executive Vice President of Enterprise Products Billy Ho acknowledged organizations’ needs to productivity and security solutions that best suit their respective situations. According to Ho, “as the number of endpoints and devices continues to grow in the IoT, enterprises, and governments require flexible solutions to safeguard their data while allowing users to be productive and safe.

BlackBerry Productivity and Security

Upon its release, the Suite and BlackBerry received positive feedback from industry players, According to J. Gold Associates President and Principal Analyst jack Gold, the company has been continually innovating and deepening its unified endpoint management (UEM) portfolio. Gold also noted that the new offerings are slated to give customers such powerful tools in keeping up with industry development and standards.

Aside from the UEM tools offered by the new tiered system, BlackBerry also ensures access to assistance should the need arise. In case customers find the need for technical support, the company offers in-depth support that “isn’t just about quickly resolving issues when they occur” but also about “connecting [users] with trusted advisors who can provide proactive advice” when planning for changes.

BlackBerry remains to be a reliable security software and services company. The firm also deals with cybersecurity, data privacy, artificial intelligence and encryption on-top of endpoint security and productivity management.