Blockbuster adds even more Video On Demand partners

Blockbuster won’t go down without a fight, and recently announced several new Blu-ray players and consumer gadgets that will include the native Blockbuster video-on-demand service. Manufacturers have increasingly embraced content distributors as they look to add appealing new services for cautious shoppers.

Similar to other services, a multi-platform effort from TVs and home entertainment devices to mobile devices and PCs/notebooks are all part of Blockbuster’s expanding VOD service plans.

Blockbuster adds even more Video On Demand partners

The Blockbuster VOD service is now available on about 100 different consumer products (and counting) with products ranging from HDTVs and set-top boxes to Blu-ray players and DVRs.

The newest products added include the following Blu-ray players: Integra DBS-30.2, Integra DBS-50.2, Magnavox MB 5130, Onkyo BD-SP808, and the Sylvania NB620SL1. Blockbuster VOD also gained support on the Western Digital WD TV Live Hub media player.

A full list of Blockbuster VOD products can be found here.

Blockbuster has struggled to compete with Netflix, Redbox, and streaming services that continue to plague Blockbuster at the end of the year. Earlier in the year, Blockbuster filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after months of a rumored downfall.

Company officials hope to bring the company out of its bankruptcy by the end of 2011, if possible, but financial analysts are doubtful if that will happen.

Despite continued financial problems, Blockbuster plans to hire 4,000 seasonal employees nationwide to help with increased shoppers through Christmas.

Blockbuster certainly hasn’t stopped trying to embrace new technologies and distribution methods, with a video game rental-by-mail program added alongside the company’s by-mail movie service.

In the future, Blockbuster must continue to expand its VOD supported product list, along with embracing new technologies.  I don’t think the company will be able to compete with Netflix, Redbox, or other alternatives, but that doesn’t mean board members should just throw in the towel. If Blockbuster fails to launch an all-you-can eat streaming VOD subscription service, I’m not confident in their survival.