Blu-ray Disc Association finishes specification for recording 4K and 8K TV broadcasts

Posted 22 December 2017 14:09 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) today announced the finalisation of the specification of recordable Blu-ray discs for storing broadcasts in 4K and 8K. Licensing of the new standard will start in January next year. The first broadcasts in 4K and 8K will start by the end of 2018.

The new standard is intended for the Japanese market where Blu-ray recording devices, and Blu-ray recordable media, are very popular, according to the Japanese publication AV-Watch. In Japan, about 75% of all sold Blu-ray devices is a Blu-ray recorder and the recordable discs are widely used for recording TV shows.

According to Victor Matsuda, chairman of the BDA’s Global Promotions Committee, bringing 4K/8K to Blu-ray is a natural move, “4K is no longer a standard on television, it is also spreading to mobile devices and video cameras. ”

The 4K and 8K content can be stored on Blu-ray recordable discs with up to 4 layers and with capacities ranging from 25GB to 128GB.

With the release of the standard, Blu-ray device manufacturers can get ready for the first 4K / 8K satellite broadcasts, that are scheduled for December 2018.

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