Blu-ray given a Technology and Engineering Emmy award

The Blu-ray technology is set to receive an Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering. Specifically, Sony, Panasonic, Royal Philips and TDK will receive the Emmy Award at CES 2011 during the 62nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards presentation.

Over the past four years since Blu-ray launched in 2006, more than 50 million Blu-ray players and receivers have been sold, with 1.4 billion Blu-ray discs produced.

Blu-ray given a Technology and Engineering Emmy award

Blu-ray is used by millions of consumers, but still faces several uphill battles that need to be addressed for long-term market dominance. The HD technology still hasn’t been able to fully replace the DVD platform, which has allowed the predecessor to linger around further than what was expected.

Blu-ray was thrust upon the consumer market before streaming services, kiosk services, and other rival services arrived. Since then, the market has become cluttered, but Blu-ray adoption has still reached 17% and continues to climb.

After Blu-ray was able to eliminate HD DVD as the dominant HD format on the market in early 2008, it has been anything but smooth sailing for Blu-ray supporters. Despite having a larger number of corporate supporters and higher storage capacities, sales remained disappointing for quite some time.

Since the HD war, the cost of Blu-ray technology has continually dropped as consumers continue to embrace the technology.

Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers will have lower-cost Blu-ray players and movies available this fall. Even past the holidays and through early 2011, Blu-ray prices should continue to fall as manufacturers try to migrate more users from DVD.