Bluzelle to Launch Phase One of Mainnet Offer


Singapore-based data storage network company Bluezelle announced in a press statement that it will launch phase 1 of the mainnet offer to users this coming August 8, 2020.

The distributed storage network is eyeing tokens and rewards offers to participate users. Through its validation process, users can earn rewards on the platform. This launch also marks Bruzelle’s transition to the new Tendermint version.


Once the network goes live on Aug. 8, token holders can stake funds, at the same time, earn rewards for taking part in the transaction. According to the company, the launch came after a successful incentivized testnet program.

Bluzelle Launch Phase One of Mainnet Offer

“The Swarm of Duty (testing) event awarded $30,000 in BLZ to developers and validators who participated,” announced Bruzelle in the press statement. CEO Pavel Bains said the company is providing support to its community, the backbone of the new Tendermint.


Bains said the company is giving full support to the development team and give rewards as tokens for making the launch happen. The Swarm of Duty event lasted for about three months, which helped fix a bug on Tendermint.

The company disclosed that after the stress test, developers and community members were able to spot a critical bug in Tendermint. Because of this finding, Bruzelle was able to patch the bug and improve the system.

To participate in the delegation processes, crypto holders need to create a BluzelleNet account through the staking environment. This is part of the process to earn the staking rewards from the teams who participated.

Bruzelle said, “The tokenomics underpinning Bruzelle’s staking system aims to incentivize early adoption, providing greater rewards to participants who joined the network during Phase 1. Rewards will end up to 25% per year.”

The new update on the Tendermint leverages computing to support the decentralized apps on a blockchain store. Access to data is also done in a secure and distributed manner. Bruzelle said data management strategy eliminates the dependence on centralized infrastructure.

In transitioning to the decentralized storage, dApps and content are censorship-resistant, ensuring they’re more resilient to cyberattacks and hacking. The full mainnet Bruzelle platform will be activated with phase 2 developments on Sep. 8 this year.

Once the full mainnet is live, the company can onboard different types of dApps and migitate data without the risks. Additionally, the processing time in the dApps is faster, without a single point of failure.

Bruzelle is powered by byzantine fault-tolerant blockchain clusters or distributed ledger technology networks.