Boxee Internet set-top box set for Nov. launch

Boxee and D-Link plan to launch the Boxee Box later this fall that will give owners the ability to stream standard- and high-definition content through the Internet directly into the living room.

The D-Link-created Boxee box was first introduced last December, and has suffered several delays since being announced.  Consumer interest has been relatively high towards the Box and other set-top boxes that give users the ability to stream, watch, and record content.

Boxee Internet set-top box set for Nov. launch

Users will be able to access paid and free material from BBC, MTV, CNN, and other providers.

Boxee and D-Link remain quiet regarding the delays, but it appears a major cause was related to switching from the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform to the Intel Atom CE4100 processor.  The ARM-based Tegra chip remains popular in mobile gadgets, but the Intel Atom can stream 1080p high-definition material better than NVIDIA’s alternative.

Pre-orders are available on Amazon and other select retailers in the United States, with November launches also on tap for Canada, Australia, and several European countries.  It will be released with a $199 MSRP, while the rival Apple TV is available for $99.

The use of set-top boxes to stream content into the living room is a popular new industry that consumers are still becoming familiarized with.  The Boxee/D-Link announcement is interesting because Intel and NVIDIA are engaged in a nasty GPU war that is fracturing the market.

The Intel Atom CE4100 is rumored to be included in the Google TV as well, with other manufacturers expected to partner with Intel.

Meanwhile, all Roku set-top boxes the Roku SD (now $59.99), Roku HD ($69.99) and Roku HD-XR ($99.99) recently received a price cut in anticipation  of increased competition .