Brazilian company shows TVs running Windows 8.1 – starting at $5700

Brazilian company Apek has demonstrated a television running Windows 8.1. The Full-HD TV is available in 39″ 50″ or 64.5″, in many colors and can be controlled using touch. The cheapest model will cost $5700.


The TV lineup is called Maxpad and while it’s marketed as a regular TV, it’s equipped with PC hardware. Inside the TV there’s a quad-core AMD CPU, a AMD HD 7760 GPU, an SSD with a capacity of 60GB and a 500GB HDD. The software is based on Windows 8.1 and Apek claims to be the first to release a TV with Microsoft’s latest operating system.  

The company has added its own software that makes it possible to share content on social media and through e-mail. Users are also able to record video and make screenshots of content that’s playing. Also interactive TV is one of the features, it’s possible to rewind up to 150 minutes in TV shows that are broadcasting.

The TVs with touch screens of of 39″, 50″ or 64.5″  have an optional foot on which the Maxpad can be installed. The remote control can also be used as mouse because it contains a gyroscope and the remote also acts as a mini keyboard. For video-conferencing the TV has a 5 MP camera. Apek will sell the Maxpad TVs starting at $5700,- for the 39″ model.