Breakthrough on removal of Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection reported

The mysterious user who recently appeared on our forums has found a working solution to bypass Cinavia. This method is verified by our resident Cinavia hunter Macrovision3500. User Cienoway first made his appearance 10 days ago and was welcomed with a lot of (healthy) skepticism. Cienoway reported he was visited by the police and has been investigating ways of publishing his method to bypass Cinavia without breaking any trade secrets.



Today Cienoway made his post stating he was able to verify his method, he wrote, “EUREKA! I have created the first audio with Cinavia rendered undetectable, and it is proven.  This proves that my methods works. I just need to refine it to make it work better. Audio quality is pretty audible, with a little bit barely noticeable artifacts.”

He went on to write, ” That was expected as the method still needs some refinement to smooth out the audio. Kudos to Macrovision, who provided excellent help to me so that I have a way of quickly verifying Cinavia removal. This is necessary to quickly learn what works and what does not work.”

According to Cienoway the method is also future proof as he states,  “the technology is defeated fundamentally on basic science. That means there is NO possibility to even repair it or tweak some parameters to make it work again.”

The Cinavia copy protection is embedded in the audiotrack of a Cinavia protected movie  Hardware and software players contain a Cinavia watermark detector  which decides if the movie is legitimate or not. While Verance, the company developing it, claims it doesn’t affect the quality of the audio, others disagree.

The degradation of the audio  is a reason to try to find a method to remove the signal from audio tracks. Another reason is that Cinavia prevents  playback of Blu-ray backups.The protection will detect playback of the backup and will mute the audio after 20 minutes while showing a Cinavia warning prompting the user to get a legal copy of the movie.

Also pirates start to encounter Cinavia more and more as it’s also designed to stop illegal movie sharing. The Cinavia detector can also be found in the next generation consoles, the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

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