Cadeera to Create AI-Powered Interior Design Service

Early-stage company Cadeera seeks to use artificial intelligence to provide users with the right home décor visual search results, reported Tech Crunch. The company is still in the seed stage but has developed a prototype for the service.

The goal is to allow users to find e-commerce interior décor pieces by providing an image of a piece they are looking for. The system will offer items for sale that look like the photographs provided by the user.

In its Instagram profile, Cadeera says, “We are building an AI platform that combines sensory search for your preferences to change the way you find, discover, explore, and get [inspired].”

Cadeera AI-Powered Interior Design Service

Tech Crunch noted that this service can make e-commerce search more inspirational and taste-driven. Former SwiftKey employee and Cadeera founder and CEO Sebastian Spiegler said that this process is a step up from keyword search.

Spiegler said, “Keyword search is fundamentally broken.” He believed that the process takes time and effort in order to find what consumers really want based on what they have previously seen but has no specific name for.

Cadeera addresses this challenge. “The mission is understanding personal preferences. If you don’t know yourself what you’re looking for we’re basically helping you with visual clues and with personalization and with inspiration pieces.”

The service will be providing key points such as content, images, and community that can help users figure out their preferences and make decisions.

The decision-making process is vital to e-commerce because it helps consumers have a more fulfilling experience by minimizing buyer’s remorse.

Spiegler expressed his optimism about Cadeera’s service saying, “It increases trust, you’re more sure about your purchases, you’re less likely to return something.”

The CEO also aims to help sellers by minimizing returns as it is “a huge cost to retailers.” Moreover, it seeks to help retailers by giving them an idea of what their clients want.

The company can also aid sellers in increasing their sales by encouraging buyers to purchase more, especially as they can now easily find things more easily and more accurately.

Spiegler’s focus on online shopping and e-commerce is very timely, especially with the significant boom in online sales due to the pandemic.

When asked why he started with home décor, Spiegler explained that this sector is an underserved market. Unlike in fashion, there are minimal service providers that cater to home décor customers and companies.