CamerEye Announces Smart Fence for Pool Safety

Visual technology company CamerEye recently announced its artificial intelligence-based product called the Smart Fence to improve pool safety, especially for kids, according to a press release published on PR Newswire.

Intended for residential customers, the company developed Smart Fence to address the growing need for pool protection especially at a time when children are compelled to stay at home.

According to the post, seeks to minimize fatal unintentional drowning in the United States. Statistics show that over 3,500 of these accidents happen annually. This figure increased over the past year since the current public health situation.

CamerEye Smart Fence for Pool Safety

On its website, CamerEye explained that it’s Smart Fence solution allows customers to “customize monitoring areas and adjust on/off functionality. CamerEye keeps you informed and in control of your pool at all times.”

CamerEye founder and CEO Sai Reddy remarked, “We understand the problem of pool safety and the notion of distress and drowning using life-guarding principles, which can help us solve the problem in a much informed way.”

To address this issue, CamerEye offers its AI-powered Smart Fence designed to detect accidents in the pool. It is equipped with cameras built to monitor the pool and poolside.

Reddy added, “Drowning occurs in various stages. CamerEye offers that layer of safety with very early stage detection when there is unauthorized entry around the pool’s perimeter with our AI Smart Fence and is able to detect early distress behavior using AI technology.”

Using artificial intelligence, the cameras are able to differentiate between humans and non-human objects such as pool toys. The solution also offers faster detection and more immediate distress alerts.

The post noted that immediate action is critical during near-drowning accidents. The company offers solutions to provide more prompt actions that can save lives. Alerts can be sent through the smart hub, app, and phone.

Users can set up alerts to be audible and to connect with emergency phone calling services to improve life-saving responses.

The Smart Fence is part of CamerEye’s pool safety ecosystem. The line is created to monitor the pool area, detect accidents, and alert users within ten seconds of distress. Its products work 24/7 and can be monitored anywhere using smartphones.

All of its solutions are powered by “sophisticated and highly trained and adaptive artificial intelligent technology.”

Ultimately, the service seeks to make recreational pool times a less worrying and more secure experience, said Reddy.