Canon to crowdfund for a tiny, clip-on camera, the Canon IVY REC

Japanese multinational corporation imaging giant Canon has launched an Indiegogo campaign for what it dubbed as the “ultimate go-anywhere camera.” This marked Canon’s recent move as the first crowdfunding campaign initiated by a major camera maker.

According to Canon’s Indiegogo landing page, the device, called Canon IVY REC, offers a 13-megapixel 1/3-inch CMOS sensor. It is clippable, lightweight, and can shoot 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second. It is also designed to be waterproof, lasting for 30 mins at a depth of 3.3 feet.

Aside from the already mentioned features, the Canon IVY REC is also shockproof and has Bluetooth connectivity.

Canon to crowdfund for a tiny, clip-on camera, the Canon IVY REC
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“No fragile screen to crack – the clip doubles as a viewfinder. The upcoming companion CanonMini Cam App enables live preview on your phone. Transfer and share photos & videos wirelessly,” the page explained.

In order to frame shots, users have to use the clip as a viewfinder. Moreover, the device is also featured with activity dial and a microphone port. The square cutout for the clip doubles as a viewfinder, and there’s a single dial on the back that enables users to switch between modes.

Canon’s IVY REC isn’t the first clippable camera to have been introduced in the market. In fact, in January of 2018, Google launched a $249 hands-free camera called the Google Clip. It is a miniature clip-on camera device that automatically captures short clips and identifies excellent lighting, as well as framing.

There are still no words from Canon concerning the price and the launching date of the IVY REC. However, early bird buyers are promised with up to 30% off in the Indiegogo campaign page.

Crowdfunding is a practice that enables a company to not just fund the development and launch of a product. Instead, it is also a platform that allows businesses to determine the demand for a product.

In a review published by Peta Pixel, Canon’s recent engagement with Indiegogo was seen as a strategic move.

“The way Canon seem to be using crowdfunding is to determine the demand for a new product it would like to produce. If there is sufficient demand, then it can green-light the project and actually develop the IVY REC camera … Essentially Canon is the investor and the crowdfunding campaign is a pitch to itself in order to determine the product’s viability,” the article explained.