Canva to Launch Video Editing Tool, Other Products, Come 2020


Design company Canva announced Friday, December 6, 2019, its plans for launching a new video editing tool by 2020. Alongside this revolutionary feature, the firm intends to introduce a slew of other features by the next year. The new products under the design firm were announced at the December Season Opener held in Sydney.

According to Tech Crunch, the editing tool highlights the user-friendly experience it provides its customers. In particular, the video editing tool is geared towards beginners and those who have no previous experience. In addition to the new format, the company will be unveiling a host of video templates and other animation tools.


The video editing tool will also provide users with a stock content library, says Tech Crunch. The library is expected to be filled with videos and music content for users to utilize to their advantage.

In a press release, the business said that “much like its graphic design offering, Canva is making video editing effortless with the launch of Canva Video. Users will be able to create sleek, professional videos for free.”

Canva to Launch Video Editing Tool


Co-founder of the firm and chief product officer of the design company Cameron Adams states that “Our mission is to empower everyone to design anything without any complex software or having to go to different sources for different elements. We’re bringing the same experience to our video editing tool.”

Adams continued to say, “This means we take stock video, soundtracks, layouts, typography, animations and integrate it into one experience.”

Besides the new video editing tool, the business also unveiled its partnership with third-party applications via Canva apps. The platform is slated to provide developers with the avenue to connect their own program to the Canva universe. This product launch comes as the company gears itself to become “a one-stop-shop for all design needs,” notes Business Insider.

Based on the article released by Business Insider, Canva will work with different companies, apps, and platforms. These include industry-recognized names such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, and PhotoMosh.

Through its integration service, users will reportedly gain the ability to use images from these different platforms and import their desired image to Canva.

The design firm also announced its desktop app which is currently in its beta phase. An old-school kiosk called Canva Design Lab was also announced during the December Season Opener. This program allows individuals to design and upload their own content and print out the outcome.

Lastly, the business also launched Canva Education. This program is geared toward schools and other educational institutions. The product offering provides free templates and images that can be used in a school setting, with a beta version launching within Australia, shares Business Insider.