Carahsoft Tech Adds Snowflake to Leverage Data Storage in Gov’t

Data cloud firm Snowflake inks a new deal with the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) to help government improve data storage capabilities and streamline security in an integrated platform.

The contract allows Snowflake to utilize its data cloud technology and platform to increase local governments’ data infrastructure and to break down silos across varying public sectors. The collaboration will bring a more easy, fast, and secure way to manage and access data.

NASPO ValuePoint is a program that facilitates agreements between lead-state models and to execute cooperative contracting. It acts as the leveraging hand with purchasing power to deliver the most valued and competitively sourced contracts for public entities.

Snowflake to Leverage Data Storage

Snowflake has been in the data management business since 2012, delivering data-intensive applications without the operational burden. The company has opened doors for public entities to make the most out of their data and to mobilize data resources.

According to Snowflake vice president Ted Girard, “This announcement [NASPO collaboration] is another example of our commitment to helping government organizations realize the most value out of their data.”

In addition to data cloud services, Snowflake also offers cutting-edge security to keep government data intact and leave out no security hole. The cloud platform features advanced data mobilization for essential workloads.

“We look forward to working with Snowflake and our reseller partners to provide innovative cloud-based data solutions to NASPO members to enable data mobilization and advance their missions,” said Carahsoft director Steve Jacyna.

Analytic Workloads

Access to Snowflake’s data cloud can benefit government entities for advanced storage solutions with a seamless experience across public clouds. What’s best, the company offers a solution for data warehousing, engineering, science, sharing, and application development.

The global network also helps organizations to realize a near-unlimited scale when it comes to data management. Under the siloed data solutions, organizations can securely share governance data and execute analytic workloads in the cloud.

Snowflake’s technology also delivers advanced enterprise-ready platforms to maximize the data in essential workloads. The unique cloud portfolio available is unquestionable for managing a wide variety of data across the public and private clouds.

Recently, company backers sell Snowflake portions amounting to $48 billion worth of shares. Sutter Hill Ventures is the biggest Snowflake asset holder, with $13.3 billion worth of shares on its belt.

The company’s software product enables remote storage and the ability to analyze large sets of data in one secure cloud storage. This technology became widely popular, especially with companies shifting to remote work.