CES 2010: ioSafe shows off near-indestructible external SSD

ioSafe joined a growing list of companies offering solid state drive technology to consumers, but this company is different because its drive has been designed to withstand tremendous abuse.

The drive itself is a 2.5-inch SATA SSD that includes layers of protection and insulation from possible abuse — unlike most portable, external drives, the Solo SSD measures 5 x 7.1 x 11 inches, and weighs 20 pounds.  ioSafe is marketing the drive as an ideal solution that is able to withstand heat, shock, fire, high levels of crush force, water, and even a building collapse.

ioSafe-SSD-External“The new ioSafe Solo SSD is the world’s most rugged and versatile desktop external hard drive,” said Robb Moore, ioSafe CEO, in a statement.  “In addition to the USB interface, the new eSATA connection allows for fast data transfers and full compatibility with almost any Microsoft, MS Server, Linux or Mac operating system. The ioSafe Solo SSD can be used alone or in conjunction with any offsite or online backup strategy to add real time, zero data loss, synchronous disaster protection to any data that sits vulnerable.”

This editorial posted by Technologizer’s Harry McCracken offers a picture gallery of the various types of abuse the ioSafe Solo SSD endured during live demonstrations at CES.

The ioSafe Solo SSD will be available starting next month with 64GB ($499), 128GB ($749), and 256GB ($1,250) storage capacities.

The popularity of SSDs has risen greatly over the past 12 months, even though the technology remains relatively expensive when compared to traditional HDDs.

As someone who has reviewed the IronKey secure USB and Corsair Flash Survivor USB thumb drive, it’s obvious I have a fascination with technology and carnage.  I doubt I’ll ever need an SSD as safe and indestructible as the ioSafe Solo SSD, but it’s neat to see such interesting technology in development.   This is one SSD that is intended to be noticed when employees walk by the metal detectors on the way home from the office.  Most office employees won’t be able to carry it to the parking lot.