Chanel Korea Suffers Data Leak, Issues Apology

The South Korean arm of designer brand Chanel recently revealed that a group of unscrupulous individuals has hacked into its system and leaked its customers’ personal data, reported The Korean Herald. The company apologized to customers following the incident.

In its statement posted on the Chanel Korea website, the company verified that its system has been breached by unidentified attackers last week.

The information leaked by the hackers is from its Fragrance and Beauty division membership database. The leak involves personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, birth dates, phone numbers, and transactions.

Chanel Korea Suffers Data Leak

The company assured customers that payment credentials, identification cards, and passwords were not involved in the leak. Chanel Korea apologized to its customers in the same statement. It said, “We sincerely apologize to our customers for the matter and the inconvenience it caused.”

Prior to making the statement, the company said that it has taken the necessary steps to detect the breach and address the leak. It has blocked the IP address determined to be connected to the incident.

The company added, “We have engaged a leading independent cybersecurity firm to conduct an investigation and identified no evidence of further impact on other systems and data.”

“The incident was immediately reported to the government authority KISA, and now being thoroughly KISA, and now being thoroughly investigated by the KISA and the relevant authority PIPC.”

To make sure that affected customers are aware that their information is out there, the company has sent notification emails and text messages. Customers who believe that their data is involved in the leak are encouraged to get in touch with the company.

“Data security is an absolute priority for Chanel, and we have dedicated significant resources to ensure it undergoes constant monitoring and adjustment to immediately detect any malicious activities such as this incident.”

The website collects names, contact numbers, and birthdays as shoppers agree to their information being added to the company’s database. The Korea Times said that it is not clear whether the affected customers will be pursuing legal action against the company.

Korean customers have been raising complaints regarding price hikes on bags and clothing, especially as Chanel Korea has raised its prices twice this year. One customer said that “high-level service” is part of the company’s brand and that Chanel Korea should “compensate its customers who were affected by the cyberattack.”